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We have been providing chiavari chair hire service for over 5 years to the wedding and event industry, we are proud members of the Wedding world and happy to provide chairs to all parties.

White chiavari chairsgold chivari chairs

Our vans deliver over 2000 chairs to events around London per week during the busy summer season, because we provide high quantity and great pricing.

Chiavari chairs can be spelt in a multitude of ways, (chiavari chairs, chivari chairs) and our brides some times when calling up to enquire about the chairs have a bit of a tough time saying the italian word!

But we always know what you mean! so give it a go!

Ch- ee– vari !

Spelt phonetically of course!

We supply these beautiful wooden chairs in various colours as well so you can see which one you would like to fit in with your wedding decor .

We deliver the chairs in stacks and then the seat pads are all checked and packed into bags of ten.

If you are hiring from us please make sure the seat pad bags are kept ready for the collection of them at the end of the event.

Questions about chiavari chair hire

We often get asked a few questions about hiring chivari chairs with us, so we thought we should answer them!

Here are some popular questions about our chiavari chairs.

How much does it cost to hire chiavari chairs?

Well this varies greatly depending on the quantity of chairs you need, the colour of the chairs you require and the dates your require them for.

If I hire over 200 chairs is there a discount?

Yes, our pricing is a sliding scale so we provide discounts for larger orders

Do you provide chair hire in london?

Yes we provide chairs in London and surrounding boroughs and outside these areas also.

What are your chiavari chairs made from?

Our chiavari chairs are made from wood

How many chiavari chairs do you have?

We have lots of chiavari chairs for hire, we do a lot of events on the same day

Can I use chiavari chairs for my wedding?

Yes our chiavari chairs are perfect for your wedding

How long is the hire?

We charge per day/event. However some clients want to hire for 2-3 event days this is then charged at a different rate.

Do you deliver the chairs?

Yes we deliver the chairs

Can I collect the chiavari chairs?

No, as the chairs are located over various sites in London and our insurance does not allow for us to allow for this.

What chiavari chairs do you have in stock?

We have gold chiavari chairs, silver chiavari chairs, limewash chiavari chairs, clear chiavari chairs.

So if you are planning an event, why not get in touch with the office

Call up for an instant quote or send us a message on the form below.

Chaiavari chairs are really a abeautiful easy option and a fantastic substitue for covering the chairs with chair covers.

You no longer need to put up with ugly chairs for an event these are pretty to begin with.

The chairs are the perfect size to fit 12 guests around a 6ft table which you might get in certain venues. These are larger round table.

The chairs can fit 10 guests around a 5ft round table.

The chairs are quite delicate and mini compared to the large ugly conference chairs that certain venues have.

More and more venues are purchasing their own chiavari chairs in which case you may only need to dress the chairs with a drape sash which can add a unique change to the chairs used alone.

We supply the drape sashes as well.

You can view them here!

Weddings with Chiavari chairs

We have provided chairs for so many weddings and we are proud to have provided to so many wonderful customers

You can view some of our weddings here!


If you are planning your wedding or event for the next few months then lets get down to work.

We can provide your chiavari chair rental service for you.

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