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Gold chiavari chairs at Sopwell House

Sopwell house is a fantastic venue which has also had a beautiful refit- we provided our gold chiavari chairs to the large room there for a gorgeous Jewish wedding that took place back in June.


220 gold chiavari chairs were set out for the ceremony with a gorgeous flower filled chuppa.

Flowers were also added to the chiavari chairs to create this gorgeous effect for the wedding chairs with flowers

We added plain draping to the back of the chuppa which later turned into a top table so the couple got double usage out of the one plain pleated backdrop.

A white Aisle runner was added to the mix for a complete finished and sleek look.

This wedding was meant to take place outside in the lovely grounds of Sopwell House however the rain caused issues with this- the very clever Groom prepared a contingency plan that was put into action.

We erected a further backdrop to cover the band for the ceremony which created a soft atmosphere for the wedding and then was taken down for the sit down.

gold chiavari chairs wedding ceremony


If you are planning to get married or have a party at Sopwell house Consider the Gold chiavari chairs- a pretty shade of antique gold.


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